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This luxurious pumpkin bread is a modified version of this recipe , I took out a few things(only because I didn’t have the certain ingredients)and added a few of my own touches.

The maple butter was something I didn’t do, I have store bought cream cheese frosting, that will be really good with this decadent breakfast/dessert bread. It’s extremely buttery on its own(even though there is no butter in it)and is absolutely perfect plain.

I left out ginger, pumpkin seeds, cloves and the sprinkling sugar. I also replaced the olive oil with canola oil and instead of all granulated sugar I did 1/2 granulated and 1 cup dark brown sugar. The addition of 1 cup shredded carrots made this pumpkin bread extremely moist and over-the-top delicious! For good measure, I threw in 1 cup of milk chocolate chips.

It took only one hour to bake at 325, which is 20-30 minutes less than the recipe states. All ovens are extremely different. 

By far, this is the best quick bread I’ve ever made! When making a yeast dough I don’t measure the dry ingredients but quick breads like this need a good base recipe, measured precisely to achieve the coffee shop quality of this bread.




The most beautiful loaf of Pumpkin Bread I’ve ever seen. One piece with my Starbucks please....


Perfect for Starbucks☕️

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